Since many of the units have the same light fixtures, original paint, etc, we have been able to pool information on where to obtain the necessary materials to maintain, replace, repair.


Small Overhead

Overhead lights

Overhead bulbs

Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom Sconces
Bathroom Sconce Bulbs item #473041 for the

bulbrite halogen

Also available on Amazon

  • Bulb is a SATCO T10 60W tubular in clear
  • To remove bulb, unscrew cover (its about a 1/2

turn) and carefully pull off cover.

Bathroom Fan
Fan Lights
Small bathroom fan
4 Prong Bathroom Fan
  • Both bulbs are available through

Home Depot and on

  • Fan requires two of of the 18w PL-C & one

Phillips "indicator clear S6 6w w/Candelabra

base (120v)"

Large Ceiling
Large round ceiling
2 standard 60W bulbs

Under-the-Kitchen-cabinet Lights

20w G8, 120v "The bulbs are 20w G8 at Home Depot. The

information is actually on the left {C}end of the

fixture. Just make sure you don't touch the new bulb

with your {C}hands when you put it in. I used a

paper towel to protect it. The oils on {C}your

hands help it to burn out faster."

Recessed Bulb Changer Tool

The recessed bulbs (e.g. in the kitchen ceilings) can

be hard to change. A telescoping wand with a

"suction cup" type attachment at the end --

similar to the one pictured here -- is available at

Home Depot or similar stores.

Wall Sconce

Sconce no cover
  • Bulb is a Bulbrite KX-2000 6M, 40W 120V
  • To remove sconce push up from the bottom

of the cover and the cover will slide up.

Search for "Bulbrite Frost KX-2000" on,Google, etc.


If you are buying Kelly-Moore paint, please note that the colors listed in the pdf are old. We just went there, trying to get some touch-up paint and were told that KM retired that color grey. Instead, the new color is called Malibu Beige (color number 216) and it will not match the old color entirely.

This PDF provided by the developer contains the codes you would need to attempt a match: Unit paint codes 1.14.09.pdf However, it has been noted by a few people that matching at this point is unlikely between fresh paint and walls that have had some time to age, fade, get dirty, etc.

Window ShadesEdit

Blinds and Designs 415.921.4217

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